Standard Products

What is the process of introduction?

First, please contact us by e-mail ( or phone (075-203-7571). We will interview you about the outline of the items to be surveyed. After that, we will ask you to send us samples of 30 or more good products of the same lot and some of the "most difficult-to-see" defective products. We will determine the applicability of the system based on these samples. If there is a possibility of application, we will lend you a demo machine. Please confirm the detection capability and usability of the demo machine on site.

How much does it cost?

A visual inspection controller and one 2M camera cost about 1.75 million yen and up. However, our goal is to "realize efficiency in visual inspection.
We try to make the best proposal including handling, so the finished product as an inspection device may be within 3 million yen, or it may exceed 10 million yen.
Please contact us for details.

What is the difference from other companies' products?

The inspection and processing method is designed to prevent defective products from escaping. With this "certainty" as an absolute requirement, we pursue "simplicity," in other words, ease of use for users in the field. We also place more importance on "realizing efficiency in visual inspection" than on selling off products.


The system has abundant functions that incorporate user opinions, such as length measurement inspection, touch-up inspection (dynamic binarization), and misalignment inspection.
However, we believe that comparative inspection is the basis for visual inspection.
Please contact us for details.

Custom Related

Can you develop image processing applications on contract?

We are one of the Lynx Business Partners, but basically we do not accept contracted development of image processing applications. This is because we believe that contract development is problematic, as we cannot ask our customers to confirm the detection capability and operability of a product until we have built it at a high cost.

What about after-sales support?

We try to clearly describe the image processing section in the instruction manual, but if you have any questions, please contact our staff by e-mail or phone.
In some cases, it is not easy to identify the cause of a malfunction.
In case of mechanical equipment failure, electrical noise generation, material change of the workpiece itself, etc., please understand that cooperation of the equipment manufacturer or user is required.