Background of my worldview

I am aware that I have a rather idiosyncratic world view of automated visual inspection.
Rather, I suspect that everyone is aware of it, but is unable to speak out.
Both sellers and buyers are not feeling very comfortable.
Everyone is working hard, but there are no results.
They are stressed out, thinking, "It's not supposed to be like this..." Every day.
I have seen several people who have actually become physically ill.
Certainly, there are a great many needs. A tremendous amount.
But we should consider why there are so many left.
It's not that naive.
Automatic visual inspection is by no means a perfected technology.
It is not advisable for sellers to have excessive expectations.
Buyers should also not have easy expectations.
Someone has to put the brakes on.
Only one, but only because I found the answer,
I know that there is no answer as an extension of the current way of doing things.
So I will continue to sound the alarm.
And finally, my goal is to make sure that..,
To allow anyone to perform visual inspections.
To reduce the physical and mental burden of visual inspections.
It is not about "labor saving" or "manpower saving,
I would like to think of "assistance" and "creativity" as the key.

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